17 tips for a healthy life: Enjoy more health and well-being!

Live longerimprove the quality of lifeget sick less and keep up with the growth of new generations. All these objectives are on the agenda, especially if we consider the concerns that came with the pandemic. That’s why we brought special content with 17 tips for a healthy life.

Our goal is to understand how to have a healthy life and how to improve our habits in relation to what really matters, that is, the main pillars of our lives. Want to know more? So enjoy reading!

Importance of healthy habits

healthy life depends on several factors. It is not enough to practice physical activities in a nutritious and balanced diet, for example. In the same way that productivity at work is directly linked to good moments of leisure and a good night’s sleep.

The ideal when looking for tips for a healthy life is to reduce pressure and stress, while while we remain motivated and committed to pursuing the benefits that these habits can bring.

In general, the importance of healthy habits is remarkable in 3 main benefits, being they:

More health

It is possible to improve your health from the habits you include in your routine. Feeding can strengthen immunity by decreasing the frequency with which a person becomes ill or by softening the intensity and duration of symptoms.

More quality of life

It is also important to understand that this extends to mental health, allowing one to see life with good eyes and enjoy a gain in quality of life.

Stress can impair our immunity and make a fuller life more difficult. Habits that prioritize and promote well-being facilitate relaxation and increase the feeling of pleasure, which helps to achieve good results in our daily activities, from the simplest to the most complex.

Longer longevity

By following tips for a healthy life and being rewarded with improved health and quality of life, we can increase our longevity and make the most of life. All parents want to see their children grow up and have their own children.

To achieve this goal with energy and willingness to enjoy the grandchildren, adopt healthy habits as soon as possible is the most recommended.

17 tips for healthy living on all pillars

As we mentioned, a healthy life does not depend on only one category of good habits. To take advantage of health gain, quality of life and longevity, it is important that different parts of your life are cared for more lovingly.

Before we pass on the tips for a healthy life, we have apart our list into 5 main pillars, representing each area of your life that deserves attention. They are:

  1. Sleep: increasing the quality and value that is due to the well-deserved rest is very important;
  2. Food: it’s not just diets and weight loss, a balanced diet gives space for nutritious meals and also for moments where we just want to enjoy;
  3. Work: more than a financial need, working is a way to give purpose to our lives, but it is important to take care not to live because of it;
  4. Leisure: on the other side of the coin, moments of leisure, whether individual or in the family, are essential to recharge our energies and regain our motivation;
  5. Physical activities: it is important to move and gain physical conditioning, not only to improve immunity and health, but also to increase our willingness to face day-to-day obstacles.

Now that you know the parts of your life that need to take better care of, how about giving 17 quick tips and health and wellness practices. Without wasting time, let’s go to them!

1. Always seek to sleep at the same time

Sleeping well is also a matter of habit, so try to lie down to sleep whenever possible at the same time. This helps your brain disconnect from worries and relax more easily at the end of the day.

This tip also helps those who have insomnia or difficulty sleeping. At first it won’t be easy, but gradually you get used to it. It is worth remembering that a good night’s sleep contributes greatly to increasing immunity.

2. Avoid your smartphone, computer and TV near your bedtime

Exposure to artificial light from the screens of these devices, especially before bedtime, hinders relaxation and keeps us agitated, also decreasing the overall quality of sleep.

Therefore, our tip for a healthy life recommends leaving your smartphone and other devices away for at least 30 minutes before bedtime.

3. Teas can contribute to relaxation

A natural way to relax and start the ritual for a good night’s sleep is to have tea before going to bed. Chamomile, passion fruit and valerian form a powerful combination to help you sleep well and enjoy all the benefits this brings.

4. Plan your meals

Eating well is essential for us to live healthily and elevate immunity. To reduce the time lost during the daily routine while thinking about what you will eat, a good idea is to plan the meals of the week at once.

For example, you can plan meals on Saturday, go to the market and get fresh ingredients, so you don’t have to think about it during the busiest days of the routine.

In addition, you can take the opportunity to prepare a real feast on Sunday, preparing to start the week with high morale.

5. Have a balanced and unrestricted diet

Preferring healthy foodsavoiding fried foods and very fatty foods is clearly a good choice to have more health in your life. Even prioritizing a balanced diet, don’t let it stop you from eating sweets, appetizers and other delights that don’t have that nutritional value.

Avoid exaggeration in the same way that you avoid very restrictive diets. Eating should be pleasurable, which is quite possible with a balanced and well-crafted diet.

6. Don’t spend too many hours fasting

Spending hours without eating anything, especially during the workday, is one of the main causes of an irregular diet. The tip for a healthy life here is to avoid fasting and take with you some snacks, to gain some energy throughout the day and keep track of the stomach.

7. Have realistic goals

Work goals must be realistic, i.e. challenge evolution without being unattainable. Especially for those who work in home office because of the pandemic, knowing how to dose daily tasks can be stressful.

Stay calm, think about the time you need for each activity, and set realistic goals whenever you can.

8. Take breaks and stretches

Especially those who work all day on the computer, the lack of movement can harm health and cause various injuries. To avoid this kind of problem, take short breaks throughout the day and adapt some stretching to do in your same work environment.

9. Avoid blockages

Creative blockages are stressful and can harm our well-being. When you’re empating on a task, try to face it from a different point of view, or pause to clear your mind before solving the problem.

Don’t forget to ask for help if you need to, two heads think better than one.

10. Don’t live just for work

We’ll talk a little more about it below, but keep in mind that you’re an amazing person, much bigger than your profession defines. At work, do your best, but know the time to stop and rest, as this is essential even for good performance.

11. Have an active social life (even in quarantine)

Socializing is a need of the human being, as well as drinking water. Quarantine is not the end of your social life. Enjoy leisure time to exchange messages or call friends and family. Keeping these connections alive relieves stress and makes us happier.

12. Do what you like

Even if you have little free time, try to do something you like every day. Whether it’s watching a series or a good movie, playing cards, painting or any other activity. This is a way to reward yourself throughout the day and it’s great for promoting well-being.

13. Look for new hobbies

Sometimes we even get tired of something we’ve always enjoyed doing, like any of the activities mentioned above.

In this case, a good tip for a healthier life is to never stop acquiring new hobbies. You never know what might occupy your leisure time until you try something new.

14. Do what others like

As important as socializing and doing what you like, show fellowship and consideration for the people you love by doing what they like and sharing some of their interests.

Whether for the husband, wife, children, siblings or the like, dedicate a little of yourself to those around you and enjoy life more.

15. Practice regular physical activity

It is proven that physical activities improve self-esteem, a feeling of well-being and immunity, not to mention the gain in physical conditioning. Even if it’s a simple walk, yoga or functional workouts at home, avoid a sedentary lifestyle to improve your quality of life.

16. Look for challenges in the right measure

As well as realistic goals for work, the challenges in playing sports must be adjusted to your reality. Physical overload can have a negative effect, so know how to adjust the dose and seek professional guidance whenever possible.

17. Have good company

Physical activities are also great opportunities to socialize and strengthen ties with an important person. In addition, having good company when playing sports is a very efficient trick for both of you to motivate yourself and achieve good results together.


Those were our tips for a healthy life. Even if they are quick and relatively small things, together they can provide great benefits to your daily routine.

Remember to use these recommendations to motivate yourself and increase quality of life, but don’t take everything to iron and fire. We’re going through a rough patch and the last thing you need is more pressure. Keep your head up and move on, with great health and well-being.